Sarawogi Impax is a Kolkata based young India Start-up with the main ambition to focus on offering unique & registered design to all over world. We are working towards to make fashion affordable to everyone on the globe.



Sarawogi Impax having buyers all over the worlds, focused at USA, Europe, UK, APAC Countries & Middle East. We are offering fashion in all different segments i.e. Men, Women, Girls, Kids including Top, Shirts, Denims, Shorts, Lower, Bath, Leather etc.


Being a famous brand around the globe, we are also offering our services not only Fashion but also focused in Home furnishing & decoration which include different kind of Carpets, Rugs, and Mats etc.



We are serving since last many years and with good track records in fashion & home accessories segment and also far more forward from our competitors.


Sarawogi Impex is a well-known name in Garment Manufacturing, Leather Goods Manufacturing, and Bathing Accessories Manufacturing industry.



Sarawogi Impex have more than 4 Factories with around 9,000 Sq. Ft. area each based in different locations at New Delhi, Gurgaon & Kolkata.


+91 80 170 30781



Our Mission & Vision

Mr. Bijit Sarawogi (Director) is a young generation entrepreneur, focused with his vision to make achievable world class fashion to every person in the world. For this he is committed to offering quality products in really a very affordable rate. The buyers from all over the world already in connect with him and demanding his quality products throughout the years.

Mr. Bijit is offering employments to more than 300 skilled workers in his factories & offices. He is also one of the few young generation entrepreneurs who are positively thinking for his country growth & committed to increase their country’s reputation in all over the world by their high quality fashion & home furnishing segment products.


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