We are majorly making all type of T-Shirts which includes Polo, Henley, V-Neck, Striped, Solid Plain, Pocket T-Shirt, Hooded T-Shirts, Crew Neck and Scoop Neck T-Shirts.
These 9 different varieties of T-Shirts designed & develop in different fabrics includes Polyester, Cotton, Poly-cotton, Rayon and Tri-Blend, based on demand.
We have full fledge equipped designing & manufacturing house, capable to deliver any size of demand in very less time without any quality compromise.




Shorts are bottom wear for Men, Boys & kids. Shorts & Lower are very common for the purpose of running, jogging & different kind of game play. These types of garments are mainly developed for usual comfort during physical activities.
Usually there are different kinds of bottom wear we develop based on requirements & occasions i.e. Players, Pool, beach etc. Different fabrics used to make these are Cotton, Polymer, Rayon etc.




We are the manufacturer of all variety of shirts i.e. Casual, Formal, Printed, Plain etc. We are offering wide variety of fabrics also based on your requirements for Shirt Making. Usually we prepare our stuffs based on buyer’s requirements but we also made on season wise i.e. summer, monsoon, autumn & winter.
Here are few of our best offerings for your reference purposes.




It includes all kind of bottom wear i.e. Formal & Casual Pants, Track Pants, Lower, Chinos etc. We are manufacturing high quality bottom wear for mens.
Few of the designs for references are given below.




Hoodie, Hoody, Hooded Jumper or Hooded Sweatshirts are just the different names. Hoodie is a kind of dress contains hood to cover heads. We are on demand manufacturer & exporter of all kind of Hoodies.
Few hoodies designs which we developed for different buyers (in different countries) are demonstrated below.